Diamantis Ch.

Diamantis Ch. is a company specialized in the reconstruction of electrical spare parts , starters and alternators for more than 30 years with experience and high technical brilliance.


More than 30 years with experience

CH. Diamantis is a company with 30 years of experience in the field of rebuilding of the electronic parts for cars, trucks, heavy machinery, sailling boats provides innumerable types of starters generators and alternators for any kind of model.
New and reconstructed sold with guaratees at prices that cannot e beaten on the market.
Diamantis Co import and resell brand new and reconstructed electronic parts for cars, trucks, heavy machinery and sailling boats. We mport the most popular brands of alternators, starters, compressors and generators from Europe, USA and Asia.
Save time and money!!! We rebuild your part instantly. Our personnel pics up, repairs and delivers your part daily.
For more information please contact +30 2109652049, +30 2109635219, +30 2109605273 and the emails: diamantis@diamantisch.gr and dchrbld@otenet.gr.
We remain at your service and hope to a good business relationship.

Specialized personnel

Our specialized personnel with high technical brilliance on the subject can offer you solutions to all your problems . Delivery can be accomplished at your at your place by our own personnel.

Spare part reconstruction

Save time and money by reconstructing your own spare part immediately. The personnel of the company receives the spare part from your place where it is reconstructed on the same date for clients in the area of Attiki . Cash on delivery arranged for clients outside this area.

12 month guarantee of proper functioning

All products have a 12 month guarantee of proper functioning. Our products are checked from testers if the latest information technology.

Our vision

The vision of our company is to continue its successful career with the exceptional service and the best possible as well as fullest range of products with the best prices in the market.

Specialized personnel






Happy clients