Diamantis Ch. Company has a high degree of skill and experience of 30 and more years with technologically advanced testers. The company offers a 12-month guarantee of good function for its products according to the following terms and prerequisites :

1. The validity of the guarantee begins with the indicated purchase date of each voucher and indicated date (which is red inked) on the spare part which is received during the purchase of the product.

2. The guarantee is provided by Diamantis Company. It handles the replacement or repair of the product from the technical department of the company but there is no money return.

3. The guarantee is valid provided that it has not undergone any intervention or repair apart of the technical department of Diamantis Ch.

4. Replacement or repair of the product is accomplished provided that the product is tested by the technical department of Diamantis Ch. company and to this effect, it will proceed to its replacement or repair.

5. The guarantee is valid only on the defective product provided that the breakdown was not caused by external factors (engine leak, oil leaks, etc, malfunction of car battery, side lamps, etc)

6. Shipping is charged on the purchaser. If the product is established as defective, then the shipping is charged on Diamantis Ch. company.

7. The guarantee does not account for garage expenses concerning the removal and refitting of the spare part of the vehicle and other expenses (transportation, probable loss of earnings from vehicle breakdown).

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